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Fashion Week 2013

Fashion Week 2013

We contemplated doing a weekend show at NZ Fashion week 2013, and with the support from NZFW, we decided to go for it. Even though it was all last minute and a day before a buying trip, we knew it was a good time to get Jetsetbohemian style out to the people, and signed up.

This was a real chance for a collaborative effort from my team of girls at Jetset, and an opportunity to invite our customers, supporters and media to check out what make Jetsetbohemian different to the rest.

Sourcing direct from my suppliers overseas, my tailors and hand crafters I designed some, collected and hand picked some amazing pieces.

In true Jetset style I stepped off the plane two days before the show, literally carrying the collection in my suitcases..., laden with jewellery, handmade shoes, and various treasures collected abroad.

The show was inspired by my travels and the eclectic mix of cultural textures interwove a story of colours and fun textured layers… little bit gypsy, punk, ethnic, with street style roots.
Fringes I obtained on my trip were couriered to Dany Pato at D&M these were applied to models, their blunt cut fringes creating a punk ethnic look, make up designed by Olivia Wild.

I wanted to show what fun combinations with the pieces I can get my hands on, a play on combining layers and showing the diversity of what styles and looks can be created by merging pieces together – ultimately to create your own individual style, with our in-house signature motto approach.
‘Its not what you wear – but how you wear it’

A favorite from customers were the beautifully tailored suits worn with crisp shirts overlaid with ethnic jewels that gave it a contemporary ethnic twist, teamed with handmade lace up sandals fresh from the suitcase that instantly paired down the more dressier looks.

In hindsight there are always many things that we could have done or should have done, but it was great success with our customers who enjoyed the true spirit of Jetsetbohemian
- Straight from the suitcase onto the catwalk!

Special thanks go’s to my team at Jetset for your support, Olivia Wild for her Makeup looks and Dany Pato for your craftsmanship, Anya Vitali who co-produced the show and added calm to the chaos.


VIDEO. Lula Cucchiara