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Maintaining an intrepid international feel, Jetsetbohemian is an Auckland store that grew out of Kirsten Tweedie's first stall at the Aotea markets, which was initially started to fund her international travel and yoga studies. With Tweedie's love of textiles and background in interior design, Jetsetbohemian captures the curiosity of wandering the globe and a shopping experience, filled with fashion and curious, often with a contemporary ethnic twist.

The shop is a mix of both boutique European and High Street brands alongside hand-picked vintage, and a small range designed by Kirsten. The Jetsetbohemian range continues to represent Tweedie's nomadic lifestyle, "Our store is about ensemble pieces, the label grew out of that... so the vibe is not so much what you wear, but how you wear it. Which is probably at odds with the fashion community"